No way out

No way out

Mise en couleur : Philippe Jarbinet - Adaptation de la traduction : Lance Lee, Kelly Smith

Airborne 44 - 5

No way out

[S'il faut survivre]

édition en anglais

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  • Paru le 18/06/2014
Détails : 56 pages - 22.1 x 29.6 cm - Cartonné - Couleur - Album
  • ISBN : 9782203088412 - EAN : 9782203088412

" The stock market crash in '29 and the Dust Bowl left us with nothing, out on the streets, our youth our only asset. We were to reduced to wandering from place to place- no work, no future. What we were yet to realize, was that our only hope of saving our skins would be to risk our lives."

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